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After years in the hustle of Berlin, Laura Hoo from Finland found her own distinct sound. She calls it bluesy nordic folk, writing in English, Swedish and Finnish.

Her debut EP Music turned out exactly as planned - raw with the old-school feeling, full of surprises yet simple while containing that special kind of heart-warming magic.


With the mission to make people feel and connect through music she will sing you all blue and mellow, only to leave you with a song or two in your head, be it on the street, music venues, festivals or her favorite - entirely unamplified house-concerts.


Laura Hoo is a furry little blond Elf with a remarkable capricious nature, especially when she is lacking food or her sixteen hours per day of sleep.

Her pointed ears are particularly beautiful and musical, and her voice charms all the creatures in the woods, ponds, lakes and enchanted castles.

When she's not sleeping or singing surrounded by all the Odin's creatures, Sleipnir the mighty horse and Ratatosk the immortal squirrel of Yggdrasil, she enjoys munching as an entertaining activity for her alone or an always happy and entranced audience.