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Born and raised bilingual in Jakobstad, Finland, HAGNÄS never understood why she should write in only one language when it's the song choosing the language anyway.

When 2019 was coming to an end she sought solitude in the Finnish forest to start producing her debut album but the greatest of these and finished it in her home studio in Berlin. The outcome is golden folk, atmospheric, nordic, bluesy and hopeful though melancholic.

With hundreds of concerts under her belt from busking, house concerts and festivals, she is always on the quest to touch people; through live concerts, recording and film. Three songs from the first EP Music were synched to the award winning documentary Mode Macht Menschen and her first score to a short film was named after the title song Hunajaa from the album. 

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We're not really present during some of the most beautiful moments in life. That's what Vakna is about, inspired from waking up early to watch the sunrise at Baykal lake during a hitchhiking trip in through Asia. I've played it on almost every concert and I'm still not tired of it, it's a journey every time. It won me a songslam and I performed it at a festival in Italy.


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Kuutamolla is about blaming the moon when it's just you sabotaging your dreams. I had a creative block after the shock of losing all my bookings. Then this melody came while watching the moon from my window, reminiscing of the wild skating trip in Finland in the moonlight. Kuutamolla means to be clueless, kuutamo the moonlight.


Lyrics and translation


Deep under the glacier in the Antarctic is a sweet water lake hidden. Despite it being -3 degrees the water is not frozen and there's nothing. In my mind this place became a symbol for peace of mind. In the production there's the clarity of the acoustic instruments and the chaos in the build up made of noises and field recordings from crushing ice and crispy snow in Finland. The song got selected to the listen to Berlin compilation.





I recorded this EP in a day in a studio and kept it intentionally simplistic and raw with the energy of a live performance. In 2020 three songs off the EP got synched to the documentary Mode Macht Menschen: Music, 8 am and Joskus.